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Uploaders shall Inherit the Earth

An entrepreneurial idea:

If you desire to become successful (or more successful), do the following: upload 90% of the time, and download only 10% of the time.

Consider how much we stream, download, and consume. What if we switched it up:

Create 90% of the time, and consume only 10% of the time.

Certainly this would be optimal for thriving and success. The more you create and upload, the more value you create. Consumption is necessary in order to augment your strength and recover, consumption isn’t the end in itself. We consume IN ORDER to create!

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Don’t be afraid to upload and share

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What holds us back? The fear of being hated on, critiqued, and ridiculed. But what if these were necessary conditions on the road to greatness? Then shouldn’t we welcome the hate as a good sign — a positive indicator that we’re on the up-and-up?

For example, the good pain which accompanies weight-lifting. After I do great attempts in any of my powerlifting (squat, deadlift), my legs get massively sore in the evening before I sleep, and in the morning and the next day. Rather than being a bad pain, it is a good pain! I love this type of pain, because the pain is an indicator that I’m growing and getting stronger. Thus rather than being afraid of pain, shouldn’t we actually be seeking pain?

Even now, I feel the greatest joy of powerlifting the good pain. The feeling of growth (pain as an indicator of growth).

In the past, I used to only care for my numbers (my one rep max personal records for my lifts). Now I’m more interested in straddling my limit, pushing my limit, and working at my max. For example, to attempt a new PR in my squad and (almost) succeeding is a good sign to me — it means I’m pushing my maximum! There’s more joy in knowing you’re working at your maximum than to simply be “successful” (in a static sense). The dynamic sense of growth and progress is what we’re hungry for!

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