Photo Ideas

Practical photo ideas to get you shooting and moving!

Shoot at night, blurry trees

Blurry trees look alive!

Photograph maps

And point to where you’ve been, or where you’re from.

Urban landscapes

Capture the vibes of your city. These photos of Providence, Rhode Island (where I’m currently living).

Restaurant street photography

When you’re out eating, photograph other people eating there as well— especially other couples:

Text or no text?

  • Fist cash

If you see interesting signs or iconography, shoot both:

One photo with the image and text, the other with only the image.

Then determine later which you prefer.

Macro mode and texture

Shoot macro photos of interesting textures you see. For example, your coffee beans, grinder, or even towel linens at home!

Photograph food

Photograph food, the experience surrounding food, and anything related to the food!

You’re the subject-matter

Start your own personal selfie project. Shoot your own face, your hands, feet, body, etc. In a mirror, your shadow, reflection, etc.

Look back at your old photos

I routinely look back at my old photos. Why?

  1. I forget a lot of my older photos, and when I rediscover them, I feel like I’ve shot them again!
  2. Remembering all my fun experiences in the past
  3. Joy in perceiving my photographic process (past to now)
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