Passion over Originality

It ain’t about being original, it is about doing or pursuing what you love, care about, or are interested in.

Too much focus on originality is bad. Why? To follow some conventions is good. What distinguishes us is how good we are at it, how unique we approach it— it ain’t about how “original” we are.

For example, it is very easy to be original. But too often we strive to be original for originality sake.

Also, when we strive to be original, we are trying too hard to compare ourselves with others. If we were truly great, we wouldn’t care whether we were original or not, we would only care whether we were doing what we cared for or not.

Do you care for it enough? Do you love it enough?

These are better measures. Many of us are passionate about the same thing or similar things. And that is great! I don’t care whether others are into the same thing I’m into — I only care about how passionate I am about it.

For example, many people are interested in photography. And that is good! But I don’t care how original I am in my photography — I only care whether:

  1. I’m having fun or not
  2. If I’m discovering new things
  3. If I’m exploring new things
  4. If I’m growing, and attempting and risking more.

Why passion?

Passion is interesting to me because it is truly self-driven. We are self-motivated. We keep doing it because it is fun, interesting, challenging, and insanely fun!

We create artwork and pursue our artwork for fun and existential purposes. We don’t take ourselves, our art, or our lives too seriously. We approach life like a curious child!

We don’t do anything for external affirmation — only internal affirmation from ourselves!


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