How to Teach Yourself Composition in Photography


  1. Go out and shoot for fun
  2. When you’re composing, take your time, and experiment and have fun
  3. Shoot lots of photos of the same scene
  4. Experiment with different distances, different perspectives
  5. When you go home, analyze your photos. Try to figure out why you prefer certain compositions over others.
  6. Sketch your favorite compositions to discover which if your compositions you prefer the best.

In praise of iPad to study composition

I love iPad and procreate to sketch my compositions to teach myself.

My process is this:

  1. Choose a photo I like
  2. Sketch the composition
  3. Discover interesting compositions while I’m sketching them
  4. Try to deduce some sort of practical takeaways afterwards and during the composition sketching process.
  5. Share my findings on this blog, which helps me actually better learn.


I like to turn my compositions into animated GIF to self teach myself.


Or make slideshows with WordPress Jetpack plugin:

Let curiosity drive you:

To me, composition is one of the greatest games and joys:

As a visual explorer, you will discover NEW compositions in your photography and also compositions from the past masters!

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