Why Do We Get Bored?

Why do we get bored? Because lack of challenge, difficulty, risk, randomness, or chaos!


  1. Add more difficulty in our lives: Powerlifting style, increase one-rep max for deadlift.
  2. Take more risks, particularly social risks (or entrepreneurial risks).
  3. Inject more randomness, chaos, and uncertainty into our everyday lives: Less algorithm-generated, more randomness in human interactions. We can also ‘disrupt’ our everyday habits in small ways; take a new route home, get home without using Google Maps, trying new foods, eating at new places, and experimenting with new routines.
  4. Travel to difficult places: For example, traveling to Havana for a week (no wifi).
  5. Most challenging and fun is to create! Create blog posts, photos, videos, beats, and share/publish them to your own website/blog.