Maximize Your Physical Vigor

When do you feel maximal physical vigor… And when?

Optimize your life, lifestyle, environment, work, flow, according to this:

Avoid places, things, people, food, and drink which drains your physical vigor.

And: optimize to maximize your feeling of power and physical vigor!


Avoid simple carbs, sugar, and getting suckered by “supplements”.

The ideal diet as a strengthening one: more meat.

Beef cheek


Coffee shops with ample natural light, and preferably with some sort of plant life.

More vigor when on the streets than inside the mall or enclosed indoor places.

Media which maximizes your vigor

Listen to music and read books which put movement into your leg muscles! Stand, walk, and move as much as possible. Sit as little as possible.

Physical culture

Delight in physical activity: weight lifting, bodyweight challenging exercises, and walking long distances.

Beauty as invigorating

Beautiful people who invigorate you. For me this is Cindy, who I consider the most beautiful woman in the world.

Street photography as optimal for physical vigor

To walk, shoot, explore. Humans will always be the most interesting artistic subject matter.

Street photography: a more interesting life!