Vanity, Aesthetics and Pride

My thought:

Much of how we live our lives SHOULD be directed by our own personal ego, aesthetics, vanity, and pride.

Why vanity, aesthetics and pride:

Vanity: much of what we do is for our own vanity, aesthetic tastes and judgment.

Aesthetics: what do you consider beautiful and worthy of you? The shapes, forms, textures, and looks of things matter.

Pride: this leads your ethics. Don’t do anything which would hurt or damage your personal pride.

Our decisions don’t require to “make sense”

We don’t need rational explanations to explain our emotional decisions. To be human is to be directed by emotion, passion, and our muscles. Much of our rational and conscious mind as “after the fact” explanations of things.

Do we really know why we do what we do?

Often we get suckered into the “narrative fallacy” our brain creates of our lives and decision making processes, to give our lives some sort of coherence or structure.

Be highly skeptical towards yourself, thoughts, and actions (but don’t vilify yourself)

Following your natural prompting is probably the wisest thing you can do. To trust your body over your “mind”.