Dynamic Portfolio

The biggest benefit of technology, blogs, and websites:

You can always adjust your portfolio of images. Adding and removing whenever you feel like it!

How to organize your portfolio

Lisbon. Suit and trees
Lisbon. Suit and trees

One idea:

Just organize your portfolio according to color or black and white.


Include photos of humans in your portfolio.

When to add or remove photos from your portfolio?

Osaka. Suit drinking a beer
Osaka. Suit drinking a beer

This is up to you. You can add or remove from your portfolio at will.

This is the greatest benefit of digital technologies:

We are not slaves to immutable print.

Curate according to the photos you care about.

To ‘curate‘ your photos means:

Select photos you care for.

How do you know which photos you care for, and which photos you don’t care for? This is only up to you.

  • Osaka, 2018 #cidyproject
  • Palo Alto, 2019 #cindyproject Leica q2
  • cindy red graveyard
  • Phone Cindy project.
  • Cindy and myself selfie. Saigon hotel room selfie.
  • Vegas, 2019 #cindyproject
  • Cindy cloth

An example of my portfolio:

Color photos

Black and white photos