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Don’t Force Innovation

Necessity is the mother and the source of all innovation. When we need to innovate, we will discover new innovations. We don’t need to force innovations — seeking to innovate for the sake of making money, etc.

Perhaps this means:

Don’t seek innovation for the sake of innovation. Perhaps it is better to innovate for the sake of dealing with problems or issues which actually affect our real lives.

What drives Elon?

The fear of collapse of humanity, or the destruction of planet Earth.

Also the excitement and personal curiosity of his to venture to Mars.

This is why Cybertruck fascinates me so much: the innovation of the design is a highly practical one. Machines aren’t strong enough to stamp “rounded”corners. Thus, the design of Cybertruck is all planar — flat and angular.

My innovations

In the past, there was really no useful or free/open knowledge or information on street photography, entrepreneurship, or philosophy. I was highly dissatisfied by this, and sought to fill in the gap. And I have.

Open source course: PHOTOLOSOPHY >

And this is another thing I’ve learned:

When I’m often dissatisfied with something, many other people are as well!

Therefore perhaps the simple goal is this:

First strive to fix problems which afflict you, then share these innovations, thoughts, ideas, or inventions with others!


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