Photos You Make for Yourself

In praise of making photos for yourself:

Do your photos make you smile?

Home, 2018 #cindyproject

First question:

Do your photos bring you joy?

For example, when you look at your own photos, do they make you smile?

Do your photos impress you?

Palo Alto, 2019 #cindyproject Leica q2
Palo Alto, 2019 #cindyproject

Another question:

When you look at your own photos, do they impress you from a compositional perspective?

Do your photos spark wonderful memories from the past?

Osaka, 2018 #cidyproject
Osaka, 2018 #cindyproject

Many of my photos serve a personally sentimental purpose. I look back at my old photos and smile, and go:

“Oh I totally forgot I went there, or did that!”

Photography as personal snapshots, to spark wonderful memories of your past.