A Life Devoid of Boredom

Choose fun:

What is the best life?

Boiling water // 60fps

A thought:

Perhaps the best life is a life devoid of boredom.

Why anti-boredom?

If you avoid boredom, then naturally you do things which are fun for you.

And what is ‘fun’?

  1. Fun is challenging yourself
  2. Fun is improvisational
  3. Fun is challenging, difficult, and interesting.

Every child intuitively chases fun, but when we get older, the goal of society is this:

To subdue children into doing boring “adult-like” things. To withstand boredom.

And how do we get kids to deal with boredom? Punishment if they refuse to obey!

So essentially we grow up thinking:

To withstand boredom is virtuous.

But what if boredom were a vice? To engage in boring things is anti to our nature.

My solution? Choose fun.