Choice Minimal Lifestyle

Fewer choices .. more happiness, focus, and productivity?

  1. Minimal clothing choices: Less stress how to dress yourself everyday. Easier to get out of the house.
  2. Minimal photo choices (one camera, one lens): More focus on shooting. Less “paralysis by analysis”.
  3. Fewer choices for work, play, or eating/drinking: The joy of getting to know a few places very well, than to know lots of places superficially.
  4. For travel: Better to travel to a few places you really really like (and going back multiple times), than to see all the cities in the world only once.
  5. Better to have a library of a few books you truly treasure, and read them all over and over again, than to read many books only once or so.
  6. The fewer apps on your phone or computer, the better.
  7. The smaller your apartment or home, the less stress, the better.