Good Failure

Good failure:

The type of failure which REMOVES fear from your life and attempts.

For example:

  1. Failing at new squat PR at the gym: When you squat all the way down, and you cannot get up, you can simply “bail” the bar behind your shoulders onto the “safety pins/rack” behind you. This removes the fear of failure in squatting, which makes you more confident and bold into the future.
  2. Asking for permission to make a portrait of a stranger: One you get a “no” or rejection, it removes the fear! “Failure” in street photography emboldens you!

Attempt your max attempts

A max attempt: an “essay” to see how much you’re capable of, or how strong you are.

Once you discover the limit of your strength, it is quite freeing. You now know what your new benchmark is, and what you need to surpass.


What is living the best possible life?

Attempt the extremely epic which you’re interested in, and FAIL UPWARDS

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