How NOT to Die

Don’t live life like Russian roulette. Texting and driving 99% safe… 1% death.

Busan, 2014 #grandfather

Simple ideas:

  1. Don’t text while driving
  2. Don’t listen to music or podcasts while driving
  3. Don’t own a sports car (temptation to drive fast and recklessly, which might lead to your death or the death of others).
  4. Don’t drink ANY alcohol if you will drive. Better take an expensive Uber back home.
  5. Don’t ride a bicycle or motorcycle in a city.

Even a 1% chance of death isn’t worth it.

My hand. Flash iPhone pro.
My hand. Flash iPhone Pro.

This is my heuristic:

Any activity which has even a 1% chance of death (or even less than 1% chance of death) isn’t worth it.

Why? Even if you’re safe most of the time (like riding a motorcycle on the freeway), it just takes one idiot for you to either die or end up as a paraplegic.

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Don’t put the lives of others at risk

If you’re driving with any other passengers, you’re also putting their lives on the line. Or even if you’re driving solo, you have the chance of killing the other driver.


Don’t walk while listening to headphones

There’s a trillion things that can kill us, even if it ain’t our fault. Practically speaking, cars are like metal missiles that can and will kill us.

A diet, lifestyle which can maximize our lives to 140

My personal aim in life is to maximize my life in hyper-health to hopefully be 120-140 years old.

But perhaps rather than thinking on how TO live to be 140, better to figure out how to NOT die of cancer, heart disease, and other preventable causes.

Then the via negativa (Taleb) approach is this:

  1. Don’t do anything in a car which can lead to your early death
  2. Don’t ride a bicycle or motorcycle
  3. Don’t eat sugars, carbs, high fructose corn syrup
  4. Don’t eat 3 square meals a day (better to engage in intermittent fasting)
  5. Don’t go a day without physically and mentally challenging yourself
  6. Don’t go a day without creative activity.