Never Stop Practicing

The eternal return — what would you want to practice forever, for fun?

Practicing is the joy!

It all comes down to practice.

To get stronger and better at lifting weights — it’s all practice. To get more flexible, practice your stretches more often. To improve your sumo deadlift confidence, practice the lift more often.

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To get better at photography and writing, do it more often! This is why photography with a small or unobtrusive camera (RICOH GR III or iPhone) is best — you can practice more! This is also why if you want to improve your photography, digital is superior, as it allows you to practice more! Even shooting with an iPhone — you can practice far more!

The point isn’t to get “good”.

To get better at public speaking, just practice it more! Nobody is born good at public speaking. The more opportunities you have to publicly speak, the better you will get. And I don’t even think the point is to become a “good” public speaker. The point is to share what is important to you. And to keep sharing it, over and over again, refining your style and delivery over time. But the content and substance of what you say is 1000x more important than how fluently you can communicate your thoughts.

The more you practice, the less fearful you become.

My waiter
My waiter

I shoot street photography every day (RICOH GR III). This allows me to stay nimble and to “grease the groove”of shooting street. Why? The more I practice, the less fearful I am— the less I hesitate on the streets.

Subway street photography. RICOH GR III
Subway street photography. RICOH GR III

The more you practice, the less fear and anxiety response you get. Then the more bold, fearless, and courageous you will become!

Color version in pink.
Color version in pink.

Never stop practicing!