Have the Courage to Share Bad Photos

A realization:

My only regret in my photo life is this — not having the courage to share photos which I thought others wouldn’t like.

Photos which I liked, but photos which I was afraid others wouldn’t like.


For example here are some photos I didn’t share for a long time. Why? I was afraid they were too “weird”.

  • Surreal head flash

But I love the photos! And that’s what matters —

Why so afraid?

My theory:

Facebook and Instagram is the enemy.

Why? This is what happens:

  1. You try to maximize your like and follower numbers
  2. In trying to do so, you try to optimize the news feed algorithm
  3. The optimal is to upload one single photo a day, around noon. This discourages you from sharing “unorthodox” photos that others might “not get”.

The consequence? More generic mainstream photos.

The art world might be worse.

The art world, photography “serious” world might be worse. Full of name droppers. Pretentiousness. Theory shmeory, and lots of insecure photographers and artists.

I’ve studied most of the great masters of the past, and my takeaway is this:

Most master photographers are overrated.

To me, the only photographers really worth studying include the trio of:

  1. Henri Cartier-Bresson
  2. Josef Koudelka
  3. Richard Avedon

Everyone else can be ignored with no downside.

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