Life Without Photography is Not a Life Worth Living

A fun play from the Nietzsche quote: “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

Assuming photography is your primary art-form, a life without photography (your art) isn’t a life worth living.

Photography as a form of gratitude towards life

cindy red graveyard

Having photographed my grandfather’s funeral, I am 1000x more grateful for life. To be alive, to use my life to wander, explore, make meaningful connections, and to make art!

Life is short, art (lasts) long

“Ars longa, vita brevis.”


Who is remembered?

  1. Great artists (Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Henri Cartier-Bresson)
  2. Great philosophers (Nietzsche, Seneca, Heraclitus)
  3. Great generals/kings/warriors (Napoleon, George Washington, Charles deGaulle, Bismarck)

Does it matter if you’re remembered or not?

Now this is a good question:

What are the practical benefits of being remembered?

Well, after you die, it doesn’t benefit you to be remembered. But for myself it seems:

If you strive to become great (as a consequence laving a legacy), you will live a more interesting, fun, and epic life.

Once again: it is the STRIVING towards greatness and leaving a legacy which is fun and interesting. Even if you’re the hardest hustler and most talented/smart person, it is not guaranteed you will leave behind a legacy. Leaving a legacy is part circumstance, luck, and having the right people write about you after you die.

In praise of (fun) hustling

Ryan Holiday says it well:

You can control your effort in life; not the results.

You can control how much effort/hard work you put forth in life, but you cannot guarantee ‘success‘ (however you define this).

The secret of living the best life

So it seems the best life is:

  1. Select what you find great and worthy of you
  2. Maximize your effort into that endeavor
  3. Have fun, enjoy the process, and always DARE MORE!



Seoul, 2012

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