Eye fashion flash Pentax 645z suede brooks

Color Theory: Crush the Chroma!

Color is only fun when it’s unrealistic, exaggerated and extreme!


Photos shot on JPEG, positive film preset, Lightroom post processing on RICOH GR II in Denver (love the city)!

The more hyper the chroma, the better.

Why hyper chroma?

  1. More intense colors as more interesting, fun, and fascinating
  2. Hyper colors are more vibrant, optimistic, juicy, and life-affirming
  3. Dull colors are boring. The only sin as a photographer is to share boring photos.

Tips for hyper colors

  1. Shoot high contrast jpeg color.
  2. Shoot with flash to further saturate the colors.
  3. Post-process by adding more contrast, increase the blacks, and increase the whites.
  4. Travel to colorful places, like Mexico City.

Collage your color photos

I use “tiled galleries” on WordPress to showcase my color photos as a collage. I love the ways all the colors combine into a beautiful chromatic tapestry!

Simple color theories

  1. Color opponent theory
  2. Complementary colors theory
  3. Warm vs Cool colors theory

Or my simple theory:

Just shoot colors you like!

There’s no good or bad colors. Only depressing and uplifting colors.

I choose to photograph colors which uplift me!