Start Your Own Blog

The key to success in modern times:

Start your own (self-hosted blog.

Why a blog?


  1. If you’re starting off and nobody knows who you are, the best is to get discovered ‘organically’ via Google search (or YouTube search, which is essentially the #2 most popular search engine in the world).
  2. The best way to get discovered on Google is via blogging, because the more “content” you create and publish (on your blog), the more visibility you will gain in Google.
  3. The point ain’t to publish for the sake of publishing, the point is for you to create ‘high quality content’ to rank higher. That means when you write a blog post on a topic which interests you, strive to make it the best damn, in-depth, helpful, deep article on the topic. For example, I strove through my ‘Learn from the Masters of Street Photography‘ series to make the most epic (and practical) essays on these master photographers.

What if I don’t know anything (yet?)


The point ain’t about knowledge, it is about authenticity, passion, and drive. The point is for you to share your journey with others.

For example I started to (‘seriously’) blog when I was 21 years old (started this blog in 2010). But before then, I blogged for fun ever since I was around 15-16 years old ( was the primary blogging platform then).

For me the point of blogging was:

  1. To flesh out my thoughts
  2. To share ideas I would I had access to
  3. To write as a form of self-expression and a form to have fun!

Blogging as a hero’s journey

Why do we like to watch movies, read Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Epic of Gilgamesh, etc?

We desire to live vicariously through the ups and downs of a heroes journey, to inspire and motivate ourselves to do the same!

I would say to be ‘successful’ in blogging is to

  1. NOT censor yourself
  2. Be insanely honest
  3. Make the process as naked and open as possible

The more REAL you can be and the more authentic, the more people you will get to trust you, which will help you in ALL of your entrepreneurial endeavors.