What’s the Best Life?

I’m currently living the best life right now. I don’t recall a time I’ve been happier (I’m even happier and stronger now than I was in Vietnam, which my prior apex).

Some thoughts and meditations:

1. Physical health and strength

The first extreme gratitude I have in my life:

Peak physical health and strength.

New records for my powerlifting. New squat record, new sumo deadlift record, new dumbellpress records, maximal flexibility and muscularity.


Thus my first idea:

Prerequisite to maximal happiness: maximal physical strength and health.

I’ve been sleeping well (8+ hours a night), eating well (3+ pounds of meat a night), and walking well (20,000+ steps a day), talking well (with friends, strangers, others), and thinking and writing well.

To me it seems that the apex building block for maximal happiness is physical health and strength, and as a consequence, you will feel more mentally strong and “happy”.

2. The joy of being outdoors (not inside an office)

Apparently the best way that Napoleon stayed strong was constant hardships outdoors, rigorous marches, and exposed to fresh air. I wonder: perhaps we will discover that fresh air and plenty of walking is 100x more important for our health and happiness than we once thought.

I think in modern life, we think that walking is an unnecessary addition or accessory. I think if you could tell people:

We can design a society in which nobody needs to walk or stand anymore

Everyone would either be pleased or indifferent.

My theory is that there is 100x more wisdom in our legs than we think. What if walking were as essential to human thriving as sleep? Perhaps a lot of our modern mental disorders are caused by lack of walking or standing.

3. The joy of ceaseless creation

Nietzsche (quoting Wagner) said something like:

Creating art is the principal and best metaphysical activity for a human being.

I mirror this sentiment. For me, making art is the supreme task of life. To make art via words, images and sounds. To pursue photography, poetry, and all the arts!

The more art I make, and the more often I make art, the happier I am!

Therefore it seems cogent to have the life goal to maximize your artistic production and creation.

4. The joy of having a clear mind

One of my great joys is to have strong lucidity of mind. This means to have a mind which is free from the tyrrany of outside distractions and pettiness. The joy of extreme concentration and focus, on my own thoughts, ideas, and desires.

The greatest joy:

  1. Not having to check email, social media, messages, etc.
  2. The blank slate schedule of pursuing only your own interests, at all hours of the day.
  3. The unpredictability of each day; every day as a new challenge and day to conquer!

So what you gonna do with the best life?

Once you got the best life, it seems optimal to then strive with all of your energy and power to plumb new depths of knowledge, create more epic art works, and to share your findings with others.

Super simple, strong, and effective!

Make on!