How to Conquer Existential Dread

Once you’re retired, financially independent, “location independent”, a “digital nomad”, and have achieved all the external measures of success, how do you prevent or conquer existential dread? (Danger of nihilism — that there’s no “purpose”to life)

My simple suggestion and solution:

Become part beast (powerlifter), part philosopher, and part artist.

What works for me:

  1. Strive to increase your “one rep max”in deadlifts and squats indefinitely. Constantly seek more physical strength.
  2. Continue plumbing the depths of philosophy, poetry, and art. My heroes and inspirations include Kanye West, Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, Epicurus, Nietzsche, Goethe, Horace.
  3. Never stop making art! Pursue entrepreneurship and take risks.
  4. Never stop traveling, exploring and visiting new places, trying new foods, discovering new cultures, learning new languages, learning new dances, and listening to new music.
  5. Share your own personal revelations and lessons in life on your own blog or YouTube Channel.
  6. Get married, have kids. Genetic lineage. Know your life is short and small in the grand scheme of things. The goal is to instruct future generations!
  7. Study the lives and actions of the great individuals and heros of the past, and strive to become great yourself!
  8. Never stop reading philosophy and studying great art. Also, never stop writing and creating your own art.