How I Make Presets in Lightroom CC

A quick video outlining and showing how I make presets for new Lightroom CC (Creative Cloud version, not the classic version):

Free download: ERIC KIM Lightroom CC PRESETS – Contrast 2019 >

Benefits of Lightroom CC over Lightroom Classic

  1. Much faster when running on Desktop. Images load MUCH faster!
  2. Simpler UI/UX

Downsides of Lightroom CC vs Lightroom Classic

  1. Subscription model (you must pay every month. I am lucky as I get Lightroom CC for free as Cindy is affiliated with the university).
  2. Lost functionality (cannot rename photos on export)
  3. Lightroom Classic has been around longer — and probably is the ‘superior’ product in many ways. But for myself, I prefer speed.

Practical suggestions

For desktop, simply experiment with the new Lightroom CC. If you don’t like it, don’t use it.

Lightroom Classic is still supported and being updated. It is getting better with the updates, but still feels slow compared to the new Lightroom CC.

More Lightroom Presets here >