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iPhone Pro the Ultimate Productivity Device?


Thoughts on the desire for a “perfect” and “ultimate” productivity device:

What do we want from our devices?

I think:

  1. Something ultralight, always with you.
  2. Something to increase your ability to produce more creative things.
  3. To have a device which makes you feel more powerful.

But the question is:

Can iPhone (or any device) do this for us?

Practical uses for iPhone Pro

iPhone Pro as the best phone thus far, because the battery life is the best (you can use it all day without charging). Also, it has the optimal size (smallest), and the matte back is a comfortable grip (no case).

For myself, what I like to do with iPhone:

  1. Write (IA WRITER) app
  2. Read (iBooks Default App) — PDF ebooks or .ePub books (
  3. Zen Brush 2: Sketches and calligraphy on-the-go
  4. Procreate: To make sketches, or remix images.

The goal is to walk as much as humanly possible.