We desire to capture raw emotion and life in our photos

A realization what we really want to achieve as photographers:

To capture raw, unfiltered, genuine, and “real” emotions from other humans (and ourselves).

For example:

  1. In street photography, we want to capture “authentic” moments, emotions, etc. This is why we generally like “unposed” photos; we believe we can capture more authentic emotions this way.
  2. In portrait photography we want to capture the “authentic” soul of the subject, or we desire to capture an emotion or feeling we believe to be their “real” self. Or we photograph others in order to photograph ourselves and our own vision of humanity (Richard Avedon).
  3. Even when we are photographing landscapes, things, objects, shapes and forms, there is something about our perspective and soul which we desire to communicate with others. You’re never photographing a thing or place; you’re photographing your own soul, perspective, and self.