Life Experiment: Intermittent Fasting, Walk around all day, Workout Three Times

An interesting life experiment today, which is the happiest day I’ve ever had:

The schedule

  1. Fast the whole day (no breakfast, no lunch, only dinner).
  2. Walk around all day
  3. Go to the gym twice (once in morning, once in late afternoon). Then in the evening before eating dinner, workout in the gym inside my apartment complex.
  4. Talk to a lot of strangers
  5. Take photos (RICOH GR III)
  6. Write and blog from phone (4g internet).


  1. Extremely high elevated mood. Probably the happiest I’ve ever felt in my life (ever in a single day).
  2. Extremely high vigor and physical strength (did max attempt dumbbell press and squat today). At night before dinner, maximum attempt chin-ups and yoga.
  3. Tons of turbo thought ideas circulating in my mind. Extreme optimism for the future and the morrow.

Then comes the thought:

Is this the optimal way to spend a 24 hour day period?


If I lived this lifestyle on loop indefinitely, could I reach a new level of happiness and creative thriving?

Downsides to this lifestyle?

Considering I’ve been walking all day for hours, I’m not perched at a coffee shop all day. Therefore I’m technically writing and producing/creating less. However I feel that by walking around all day, the quality of my thoughts and ideas are superior.

Furthermore my mood and personal happiness feels far higher with this lifestyle. And if we think that happiness is physiological, then perhaps this is what is optimal and best for my body, soul, and life?

Modifications to this lifestyle?

Is there anything I would desire to modify for this lifestyle?


  1. In the middle of the day, get a massage or acupuncture?
  2. During my day, listen to more music?
  3. Walk even further — and strive to see more of my city?

Walking is king.

My theory:

Walking is essential for intelligence, health, vigor, happiness, and maximal well-being.

Perhaps instead of trying to discover new ways we can “optimize”our health and working out, what if our work schedules and lifestyle revolved around our natural desire to walk, frolic, dance, and be physically active?

Some ideas:

  1. Better to be poorer and have more freedom to walk in your day (and freedom of your schedule), than to be rich and chained to a desk.
  2. If you gotta work at 9-5 job, utilize a standing desk whenever possible. Or maybe experiment with a treadmill desk?
  3. Do the “pomodoro” working technique, and when your 25 minute burst is done, go for a long walk around the office or block.

Why you must become self-employed

I am convinced: if you desire to appropriate the maximum from reality and your life, you must become self employed. Not “fire”(financial independence retire early), because to work is still fun. The goal is to only work and pursue things which interest you. Also it’s still fun and interesting to make money and pursue new entrepreneurial endeavors.