Making more potent art, drinking more potent coffee, making yourself more potent in life?


  1. Ability, becoming stronger, mightier, more powerful.
  2. Force, body of men, territory, dominion.
  3. Potis: possibility. Master.

Making more potent photos

  1. Focus on humans
  2. Focus on human gestures and emotions
  3. Dynamic photos with force and strength.
  4. Photograph what contributes to life, to feeling of vigor, good will, and power.

Potent images

A potent image impacts you, punches you in the gut, and resounds with you.

A potent medicine: strong, concentrated, effective. Not watered down.

How to increase potency

To make a medicine more potent, you don’t water it down or “cut” it with anything. The pure essence is the most potent.

It is true that certain medicines are made more potent with adding caffeine or other substances.

With photos then, perhaps to make your photos more potent:

  1. Focus on the action, gesture, or the happening. Get close to the action and try not to include anything in the frame which distracts from your intention as a photographer.
  2. Simplify the shapes and forms. For monochrome, higher contrast. For color, more vibrant and juicy colors. In praise of extreme post processing.
Crop daughter hand

Increasing your potential in life

Potential power, potential kinetic power (physics). Something which has yet been moved or put into motion.

To move (motion) as the root of all power and achieving maximal power.

To practice more, to do more, to experiment more. To be more active.


Never squander your potential!


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