Why is Abnormal and Irregular seen as Bad?

It seems as a society we are striving towards “regularity”, “homeostasis”, predictability, and normality.

Are these virtues that we truly desire for ourselves; or are they beneath us?

Fuck being normal

To be normal (norma) literally means to fit within a box (a carpenter’s box to measure wood).

Therefore to be normal is to conform to whatever society dictates is the box. And to NOT fit inside the box is seen as bad. And like the Procustean Bed: if we don’t fit into the box, our limbs are chopped off in order for us to fit within the box.

Who is more important: the individual or the box?

For example society wants our children to “pay attention” in class (“normal” behavior) and if they cannot, they prescribe them medication to “focus” and concentrate like Ritalin.

If our blood cholesterol levels aren’t “normal”, doctors prescribe us harmful statins (which are insanely dangerous to our health) which are used to lower our blood cholesterol to be within a “normal” range.

This focus on “normalcy” is patently bad if the goal of society is to create remarkable, unique, and great individuals. The notion of normalcy is anti-innovation and anti-exceptionalism. Like Nietzsche might have said, normalcy is the virtue of the herd (if you aren’t normal, you’re seen as dangerous and a threat to the herd).

Thus the question is:

Would you prefer to be a sheep and part of the “sheeple” (sheep people), or would you rather be the eagle (who preys on the delicious sheep)?


Then comes to this other word: “regular“, which essentially means to be bound by rules, laws, and traditions (regula means to rule).

Therefore to be “regular” means that you obey the ruler. You obey the laws and customs of a certain society, culture, or space.

Of course it is in the best interests of society for you to be “regular” and to obey the rules. Society doesn’t like trouble makers who are “irregular”.

You choose.

Thus the question becomes:

Do you desire to become normal and regular? Or do you strive for the exact opposite; to become as irregular and unnormal as possible?

I say strive to become as irregular, unnormal, incomprehensible and different as possible!

Normalacy and regularity is boring and bad.