Physiology, Art, and Photography

To re-spark your passion for art and photography, focus on your body and physiology.

Why physiology?

Consider, if you have only slept 1 hour last night, you will not have any energy, motivation, or power to make art. However if you slept a good 8-12 hours and have superfluous physical energy, of course you will have the physical energy necessary to create art!

How to motivate yourself to make art

Lift weights, swing the kettlebell a few times, do some pushups, chinups, or anything which gets your heart pumping, and your muscles flexing. I think this is the right formula:

  1. First, motivate your muscles, and lift heavy shit.
  2. The hormonal response which comes after the weight-lifting will give you elevated feelings of power, self-confidence, and energy.
  3. Channel that energy into creating your artworks!

Long story short:

Before you want to re-motivate yourself to make art, focus on building your physical strength, your physique, and your body!

The best art is physiologically powerful art!


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