We love our desires, not the thing desired.

Make yourself:

A thought from Nietzsche (Beyond Good and Evil book) is this:

We all desire x, y, z; but in reality, it isn’t about the thing we desire, we love the desire itself.

For example we don’t really desire that sports car, we desire the notion of being strong, confident, fast, reckless, sexy, macho, manly, and cool.

We don’t desire that new camera; we desire the feeling of being inspired and uplifted in our photography. The object (camera) is simply a manifestation of our desire to go out and make new photos which bring us joy and delight.

Love the desires, not the material things.

  • Street photography

The point is to eliminate all of your desires. Our desires and passions are good. However we don’t want to get suckered into desiring stuff; we desire the metaphysical feeling and emotion of empowerment, confidence, strength, and joy.

Focus on self development, not stuff acquisition

Instead of desiring to buy a Ferrari, maybe we can start lifting weights and make our bodies look as powerful and fast as a Ferrari.

Instead of seeking these new designer clothes, perhaps we can develop our social skills and self confidence in order to interact with others with brazen confidence.

Instead of seeking that new device, perhaps we can try to “cut to the chase” and do the most direct thing possible: make as much artwork as possible! (photos, videos, beats, poems, writing, images, sketches, calligraphs).

Make yourself!


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