Ear street photography

Making good photos on accident is totally legitimate.

I think “skill”in photography is a bit overrated. More fun and interesting to keep going out to shoot, experimenting, and letting randomness, chance, and chaos work in your favor!

Fortune favors the brave

Ear street photography
NYC, 2019

You can or control 100% what happens in photography. The best you can do is control the effort you put in (how long to walk, how much audacity and risk taking you partake in when shooting, and “working the scene”). However there is still so much open to chance.

Street photography
NYC, 2019

For example, you cannot control what happens 100% in the frame. You cannot control the direction of the sun or the light. All you can control is:

  1. Where to stand
  2. Whether to squat, stand, or tippy toe
  3. How to direct and frame your shot
  4. When to shoot (timing)
  5. How many times you shoot (working the scene)

But what you do have complete control over is this:

Deciding which photos to pick/keep, and which photos to ditch.

We cannot control how photons react, we cannot control how reflections look, we cannot control how much or how little to blur (blur effects are very random in their intensity and how they manifest).

Embrace the chaos!

Photography with no chaos, randomness and chance would be boring. Let us embrace the beautiful “mistakes”in photography and claim it!

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