Art is Above Morals and Ethics

After grappling a long time with philosophy, I’ve discovered that art and philosophy is perhaps the supreme fields of study. Furthermore for us to not worry about living a “moral” or “ethical” life, but an artistic life.

Why art?

Morals and ethics are all subjective, and mostly prohibitive in terms of our actions and how we live our lives. Morals and ethics tell us what to do and what not to do.

My simple solution:

Ignore traditional morality and ethics, and just focus on creating your own artwork, and craft your own personal morals and ethics as you live!

In practical terms this means:

  1. Spend more time and effort to UNLEARN and challenge the morals and ethics you were indoctrinated with as a child.
  2. The ultimate human activity is art creation; optimize your life towards this.

An artistic life is the best life

Art is everything. As a photographer and visual artist, you have complete reign over your artistic approach and philosophy. No rules, restrictions, barriers, or boundaries.

Never stop making art!

Art is all. Make work which enthralls you and others, stay tight with your creations like a baby’s mother. There is no other but you — you’ve always known you were an artist. So start making more art careless, awareness, and make your own narratives.

Your art is you; it’s all authentic. Bite deep like a dentist, and with your artistic might, clench it, bench it, and dent it!