What if the optimal or the best composition was both asymmetric AND balanced?

A thought: to create more interesting, dynamic, and epic/powerful compositions perhaps we should attempt more asymmetric (and balanced) compositions.

Think Japanese Bonsai tree: it leans predominantly one direction, yet it is perfectly balanced. Symmetric trees are boring, Bonsai trees far more beautiful and elegant to look at.

For photography compositions, this means interesting more Dutch angle (tilt your frame when shooting). Straight lines and straight horizons are boring.

Even when it comes to nutrition: perhaps an asymmetric yet balanced way of eating is best. For example instead of “3 square meals a day”, better to fast all day (no breakfast and lunch) and have 1 massive dinner every night. Also some periods of going vegan, and other periods going purely carnivore (instead of having a “balanced meal” of protein and veggies every meal).

Also to work asymmetrically. Don’t work all hours of the day; prioritize chunking or batching your working only in certain segments during the day.

With fashion, having clothes or outfits which aren’t symmetric seem to be more fashionable and dynamic. Even when you look at a well designed sports car from the side, it isn’t symmetric (length wise).

With weight lifting, also probably better to attempt a “one rep max” once a week, instead of doing “moderate and steady reps” 7 days a week.

With driving, curved roads are more fun than just straight line drag racing.

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