Prove it to Yourself

You’re the most important (and difficult) person to impress:

New Values

Our goal: to set epic goals in our lives, and to attempt to achieve epic shit not for the sake of proving it to others; only to prove it to ourselves.

For example, 400+ deadlift: do it for yourself. Do it because you’re curious whether you can or not.

For any entrepreneurial things in life: attempt or do it because you’re curious whether you’re capable of it or not. To test your strength.

In praise of ruthless self-experimentation

I don’t care to impress anyone besides myself. Why? I’m the ultimate judge of myself, and I’m all ruthlessly impossible to please. Perhaps “enlightened dissatisfaction” is what is my primum mobile (what moves and motivates me to action).


I’m fascinated and endlessly curious about experimenting with all modes of my life and modes of living. Nomadic living, self employment, living without a phone, living on the road, becoming “financially independent” and “location independent”. Becoming a digital nomad. Shooting film, shooting phone, shooting digital photography. Doing calligraphy, graphic illustrations, creating an art technology startup (

Equipment experimentation

Experimenting with my tools. Experimenting with laptop, iPad, phone, android, ios, etc.

Experimenting with analogue writing and digital writing. Paper books and ebooks.

Experimentation with physiology

Ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting, “one rep max” style powerlifting. No carbs, no alcohol, no sugar. Insane amounts of coffee.

My goal: become above man.

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