Life is all Upside, no Downside.

“What doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger!”


If we believe that which doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger, then certainly life is all upside, no downside (Nassim Taleb).

Also if we don’t fear death, we don’t really got nothing to fear (Stoicism).

What downsides exist in life?

To me the worst downside in life is slavery. A life in which you have no control over your life. But the great thing about modern society, capitalism, and entrepreneurship:

You have the power to NOT be a slave.

This means best to be poor and free than to be rich and enslaved.

The easiest way to be free

The easiest way seems to live in a city or country with a very low cost of living (Hanoi, Saigon, Mexico City) and make money by being self-employed (owning your own business). This is why I encourage entrepreneurship so much: as a means to gain your freedom in life and only do what you’re interested in and to NOT do anything you’re not interested in.

Why do we weary of life?

My theory: physiological exhaustion, bodily weakness. Lack of sunlight, lack of movement, and under-nutrition (not eating enough meat and protein).

Muscular activity and happiness

I’ve discovered for myself, when I’m happiest, I’m also the most muscularly active. This means, I walk much, I have the energy and physiological motivation to make art, think, and create!

Therefore my simple hypothesis:

Perhaps good mood and happiness is a reflection of our physiological health.

Which means our “ well being”is probably more rooted in the body than the metaphysics of the mind.

There are a trillion times more wisdom in the body than the “mind”.

How to gain more physical energy

Currently my definition of happiness is simple physical and physiological health and energy. Some things which work for me:

  1. Walking much during the day
  2. Sunlight
  3. Intermittent fasting (no food during the day, but extreme feeding on meat in the evening). Also a “ketogenic”diet primarily of fatty meats, eggs.
  4. Physical exercise: Lifting weights, body weight exercises, whatever helps you to challenge your body and build strength and muscle.
  5. Tons of sleep: For myself, 9-12 hours a night of sleep seems optimal. My theory— the harder you hustle during the day, the harder you must rest at night.


Endeavor and strive to discover the optimal conditions of your personal thriving, strength and growth. For myself it seems a nomadic life, an artistic life, a philosophical life, and a physical life is the best life.

But this only applies to me. You must discover what is best for you!



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