Abstract grit

Photography Assignment: Gritty Textures

If you’re looking for something to shoot, look for gritty textures.

1. Skin

2. Graffiti

3. Coverings

Get close and fill the frame with the texture.


4. Peeling textures

Old posters and signs in the streets:

Peel texture

5. Cracking textures

Abstract grit

6. Variety of textures

Hair, background, pavement, cobble stones, and clothing:

Pick Berlin man bald head

7. Backlit leaves

Photograph under a leaf, pointing your camera upwards to the light and sun.


8. Rust, patina.

9. Dried and withered leaves, organic-plant matter

Berlin, 2019 // RICOH GR III
Crop leaf

10. Soft light

Experiment with different lighting situations. Under expose your photos (-1 or -2 exposure compensation).

Crop leaf