How to Tighten your Feedback Loop in Photography

My thought on how to stay inspired in your photography:

Tighten your feedback loop between shooting, selecting your photos, and publishing your photos.

This will keep you prolific to keep shooting new photos, derive new delights from your new photos, and also be able to share your new photos (preferably on your own blog).

Simple ideas:

  1. Shoot only jpeg with an in-camera filter you like.
  2. Import and select your photos quickly and effectively. Experiment using iPad to import photos from SD card reader (lightning to SD), favorite your favorites and then upload them straight to your WordPress blog.
  3. Just use the jpeg files. Don’t worry about post processing. This will save you much time and effort, and free up mental energy to go out and shoot more new photos!
  4. The best feedback you can get is from yourself: whether your photos bring you joy or not. Otherwise upload your photos to for real feedback and critique.

Why tighten your feedback loop in photography?

The upside of digital photography: instant feedback, which allows us to learn and improve at a much more rapid pace. Why not use this to our advantage?



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