Photograph the Details

What makes interesting photos? Interesting details.

Detail as meaning to “cut” or to shape. From Latin “talea”— to cut or scion.

Thus perhaps details in photography — cutting an image or a scene, and determining what is interesting in the scene. Also the details of your photos is what constitutes the shape, the mood, or the impact of your image.

Cropping details

  • sunset
  • water detail crop

I’ve been having fun doing “meta photography”— taking screenshots of photos I’ve already shot, to inspect the details further.

What I’m interested in:

  1. Textures
  2. Gestures
  3. Shadows
  4. Eyes/faces
  5. Reflections
  6. Scenes with high contrast
  7. Sparks of light
  8. Details in clouds and water

Shooting details

To find the world as more interesting and beautiful, photograph the details. In praise of macro photography. Get very close to your subjects, and photograph the details you find fascinating.