Fight for what you believe in

An interesting way to live your life:

Fight for what you believe in, what you care about, and become the change which you wish to see in the world.


You dictate what you care about

Iliad homer Achilles

To fight for what you care about: absolute tenacity, resolved self-confidence in oneself, and knowing that your values belong to you (and not others).

This means having the courage to dictate your own self-directed purpose in life, and ‘quantifying’ your life according to your own code of morals, ethics, and values.

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What do you care for?

This is the really hard thing:

Being able to dictate for yourself what you truly care for.

This means not having what you care about dictated by your parents, society, or the ethical-value-moral system in which you were raised.

This means:

What do you really care for, assuming you ignored everyone else?

Even more difficult: if you know what you really care for, society and others will always try to tell you why your cares are illegitimate. Or why you are foolish, or ‘crazy’.


Never stop fighting!