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What do You Photograph for?

Why do you photograph? What do you photograph for?

1. Photograph to find the world more interesting and beautiful

Photography as beautifying the real world. Making images that highlight beauty in the everyday world. Shades of light, and details.


2. Visual fun


Photography to make the world more fun to look at! Using technology to re-interpret the world around us, using photography and digital tools:

3. Composition as a game

Playing with composition as a means of having fun!

4. An artistic way to see the world

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Photography encourages us to the world as more interesting and beautiful. In praise of monochrome:

The world looks different, simpler, more beautiful, and more full.

5. Photography as uncovering mysteries


Photography is beautiful, because it allows us to see the world deeper. What kind of visual mysteries exist in the world? Photography seeks to uncover these mysteries.

For example in photography, I like the idea that the more experienced I become in photography, photography becomes more interesting, beautiful, and mystifying.

In the past, I lost zest for photography because I felt that I discovered all the mysteries. Now I am back at a zen blank slate, seeing the world from the eyes of a child again!

6. Photography as documenting your life

I will die, but perhaps my photos will live on.

For myself, making photos of my everyday life is useful, because I am able to re-live the joys I experience. I also strive to share this everyday beauty in the mundane with others!

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