Juxtaposition in Photography

An effective compositional technique in photography: juxtaposition (contrasting two different elements or concepts in a single photograph):

Why juxtaposition?

A juxtaposition photograph is more interesting, and by juxtaposing two elements in a frame, you make the photograph more intentional. You are showing some sort of message.

Street photography juxtaposition

It seems that juxtaposition compositions are one of the pillars in street photography. It is perhaps trying to straddle the line between reality (real humans), but also ‘fake humans’ (like statues, drawings, posters, etc).

statue and man Mexico

Get close

To shoot juxtapositions, get close to whatever you’re shooting. Also you can shoot juxtapositions this way:

  1. Find an interesting background and wait for someone to enter the frame (fishing technique)
  2. See both the subject and background at the same time, and photograph it once you witness it.
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