Maximal Feeling of Power and Self-Confidence

One of my life goals:

Strive to [everyday] have the maximal feeling of physiological power and self-confidence.

To get drunk off Dionysian self-intoxication; to channel my inner powers to creative output.

How to feel this way?

It seems:

  1. Disconnecting: Disconnecting from social media, email, politics, petty modern-day problems/drama
  2. Powerful expression of your muscular power: This means trying to max out at the gym, striving to lift the heaviest weight you possibly can.
  3. Lofty thoughts: Lofty thoughts which come from reading great and epic literature [Illiad from Homer], listening to ‘hard’ music (hip hop for me).
  4. Having the ability to channel your power into creative outpression/expression: Channeling your energies into writing, making images, making photographs, sketching, etc. Transferring your energy into art-works.
  5. Channeling your hunger: After working out and after intermittent fasting, channeling your hunger into a positive stimulus. When I’m slightly hungry, I’m actually more calm, focused, and energetic!

The goal is to create

The purpose of lofty thoughts and overflowing power: to channel this power into your artworks.

We will die. Our feelings of physiological power will die. But what won’t die? Our artworks!

By channeling your creative power into your artworks, your soul and feelings of exalted highs will become imbued/embedded into your art works. And the goal is this:

When others view your artworks, they can feel the same exhilarated emotions you did while creating the artwork!