Choice Minimalism

More options, more stress, more distractions.

In praise of “choice minimalism” of living.

Paralysis by analysis

When we have too many choices and options, we become paralyzed. The tyrrany of modern living is the “tyrrany of choice”.

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This is why I like the philosophy of one camera, one lens (RICOH GR III). You don’t have to hesitate before going out to shoot. No over optimization with photography or equipment.

This is why I like “all black everything” clothing, and only traveling with two pairs of everything black merino wool. I wear the same outfit everyday; less time wasted on outfits, more focus and energy/concentration on writing and making art.

Unified field theory

Unified field theory of Steve Jobs via Walter Isaacson:

The less fragmentation, the more unity, the better.

When is more choice better?

I like having more options in terms of modes of living. Expanded ways of making a living through entrepreneurship. Expanded options of artistic expression and outpression.

So perhaps I’m for choice minimalism when it comes to tools and material things, but for choice maximization when it comes to life and art.

When to maximize and when to minimize?

Perhaps this is the philosophical and artistic question we must pursue: in which contexts is maximization good, and which contexts are minimalism good?

Think on!



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