In Praise of Electric and Self-Driving Cars

In today’s world, assuming you have the means— why would you ever buy a gasoline car?

Nobody likes paying for gas

The pain associated with filling up your car with gas. Also the time wasted at a gas station.

Electric charging for your car feels “free”. A lot of work places and shopping centers (at least in California) offer free charging. Free supercharging for Tesla Model S (in praise of buying an older used Tesla Model S— only costs $38,000, even less than a new Model 3!)

Self driving

Perhaps if you like to drive for fun or pleasure, either have a “weekend warrior” convertible sports car, or just race a car at the track. If you’re commuting to work 90% or the time, it seems an electric car, preferably with self driving capabilities is optimal.

A fun and cheap convertible car to drive for fun or pleasure: 1990-1993 Mazda Miata.

Used electric cars

Very cheap used Chevy Spark EV (in California), or a used Nissan Leaf, or even a used BMW i3 (can be bought for ~10k). The ideal commuter car, especially if you can charge at work.

Less maintenance

Aesthetically the concept of a gasoline engine with so many parts is ugly. So many superfluous parts, and wasted energy (heat) in combustion process.

Electric cars as more minimal— aesthetic beauty through fewer components. Also more fun to drive — instant torque (no turbo lag compared to other cars, and not a gas guzzler like v6, v8).

Fastest car?

It seems if you want the fastest car, Tesla P100D is the apex (10.6 quarter mile).

Choice filtering

There are a trillion variations of gasoline vehicles on the market now. If you have the filter:

Do not buy a gasoline car.

This eliminates 99% of the options — choice minimalism.