Cindy reading to Amelia

Don’t photograph what it looks like, photograph what it FEELS like

In praise of blurry photos, out-of-focus photos, and photos which are ‘imperfect’. Perhaps they better document our memories, emotions, and feelings of a scene — imperfect, gritty, full of movement, and emotional?

In praise of monochrome

Perhaps this is why I also like monochrome. Our memories aren’t picture-perfect. Nor do I think I ‘remember’ my memories in color. Our memories aren’t like photographs or pictures — they are something else.

What we are trying to achieve through our photos:

To embed our soul into our photos. Also integrating the emotions and feelings we had while shooting the photo into the image.

Therefore the photograph is an experience immortalized. An experience of a moment, but also the experience of how you felt it and experienced it yourself.

Cindy silhouette

Thus, a photo as both an ‘objective’ documenter of reality, but also subjective in capturing how you felt about a certain moment or scene.

What you want your photos to do [like a good movie]:

Transport your viewer into your own world!

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