True Happiness is the Striving for More!

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A thought while at the gym today:

True happiness is the striving for more.

Once you got the thing, you aren’t “happy” anymore. Happiness is the joy of overcoming difficulties, challenges, the joy of battling an obstacle/opponent.

This means:

Never stop striving for more.

What is ‘striving’?

‘Life is a beautiful struggle.’


The word strive is similar to the word ‘strife‘ — which literally means to fight (war).

Fighting is fun. To fight obstacles, and fight ourselves.

I think there is an innate desire we have to overcome challenges and opponents. The boxer probably has more joy in the action of fighting, than the winning.

I know for myself, the act of shooting photos is pure joy. I also enjoy looking at my photos afterwards, but the fun challenge of shooting the photos is the reward in itself.