Getting ready for my 'Creative Every Day' presentation at Google [thank you Cindy/Kevin]

Why Photography and Art are Essential to Life

A life without photography or art isn’t a life worth living.

1. Photography makes us live more!

Photography as beneficial for our mental health, physical health and soul health!

Photography encourages us to explore more, adventure more, see more, and experience more! Photography helps us get back in touch with our inner-self; our desire to become visual adventurers and conquerers!

2. Photogrpahy makes life and the world more beautiful

Photography is augmented reality. Photography makes life even MORE fun, MORE interesting, and MORE beautiful!

3. Photography to document and record our life moments and experiences

Photography as a visual log of our lives (plogging: photo logging).

The joy of looking back at our old photos and resparking the joy of past memories. Hope and optimism for the future to create EVEN MORE new life experiences!

I have a poor memory, so photography is a tool of memory augmentation as well, and experience augmentation (I experience things more deeply when I photograph them).

4. Visual philosophy

Photography as a tool to philosophize about life and the world around us.

Live and shoot on!


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