In Praise of Personal Photography

Personal photography: shooting photos to spark more joy in your own life.

1. Photograph your loved ones

Make photos of who you love. Every photo you make of a loved one is like giving them a kiss.

2. Photograph your life

Photography as an opportunity to document and immortalize wonderful moments in your own personal life.

selfie with cindy

3. Photograph your own body


Strive to make your own body as beautiful as possible [master your own personal bodily aesthetics].

Spend more time photographing your own body.

Eric Kim arm hand

4. Life-photo integration

Your photography and your life as not separate; but the same thing.

laptop MacBook Pro

Photograph the small things and minutiae of your everyday life.

5. Appreciation

Photography as a tool of slowing down your life. Giving you the chance to pause, appreciate, and smile.

6. You can make anything beautiful

Your power as a photographer/visual-artist:

Anything you photograph can be made beautiful.


cindy photo of Eric

Make your photos more fun and personal. Reveal your soul through your photos, and live on!