What is Creativity?

I want to go beyond the notion of ‘creativity’ as this “innate ability to make novel connections and to think differently”, into thinking about creativity as frequency and power of creating new art-works.


The word ‘creativity’ derives from the notion of CREATE. Ultimately, the goal is for us to CREATE more.

Why create more?

A question:

Why create more?

This is my thought:

Perhaps focusing on artistic productivity (how much you create/quantity) is more important than ‘quality’ (how “good” others perceive it to be).

This is my rationale:

  1. Quality is subjective. Quality is going to be judged by others, not yourself.
  2. A child doesn’t care about the “quality” of their artworks. A child only cares to create more, and have more fun.
  3. Perhaps life is about constant creation (and destruction). We eat food everyday (most of us eat 2-3 meals a day), so why not create everyday (or all-day?)