We eat everyday. Why not make photos everyday?

Also another idea:

Spend more time looking at your own photos instead of watching movies or Netflix?

As visual artists, perhaps we can only maximally thrive if we are continually making new images, every day– perhaps all-day?

Positive feedback loop

The great thing with photography: instant feedback.

What if a good way to stay inspired with our photography was to keep the creative loop/chain going?

  1. Shoot a lot
  2. Review your photos
  3. Delight yourself in your photos (motivates you to shoot and create more photos!)

Everyday, all-day photography

I’m starting to wonder–

Is daily artistic creation as essential as drinking water or food everyday?

The funny thing–

We all devote at least 2-3 meals a day for eating.

Why don’t we prioritize our art-creation in the same vein?