Never go nowhere without your camera #alwayscarry

Never go anywhere without your camera around your neck or on your wrist (or at least in your front pocket).

Los Angeles, 2019 #ricohgriii
Los Angeles, 2019 #ricohgriii

The RICOH GR III as the ultimate #everywhere carry camera.

If your camera is always around your neck, wrist, front pocket– you will never miss another photo opportunity in your life.

Any photo opportunity is a good photo opportunity

Los Angeles, 2019 #cindyproject #ricohgriii
Los Angeles, 2019 #cindyproject

All moments are good. All moments are decisive. Which means,

Are you fast enough to capture the fleeting moment?

If you are there and witnessing a moment, why not photograph it?

As photographers, we desire to freeze and immortalize beautiful moments in time. A photographer without their camera is like a painter without paintbrush, rapper without mic, or hedgehog without spikes.

Smaller and lighter is always better

Los Angeles, 2019 #21mm
Los Angeles, 2019 #21mm

With photography equipment, smaller, lighter, and more compact is always superior. This means:

Use the smallest possible camera.

For me, this is RICOH GR III. Even smaller than the Ricoh GR II — it is the ultimate “heavyweight” in the photography world.

First of all, at $899, the RICOH GR III is a phenomenal value. It takes photos which look sharper to me than any digital Leica M I’ve used (the GR III photos look even sharper than the Leica Q2 photos). Furthermore, it is so small and compact that it will always be with you wherever you go.

iPhone is great as well

iPhone XS Max selfie. Denver, 2019
iPhone XS Max selfie. Denver, 2019

Of course you can always shoot with an iPhone (which I consider to be the best ‘full-stack’ solution for photographers). Below are iPhone XS Max photos shot in ‘Vivid’ preset:

But still– the Ricoh GR III is not that much larger than the iPhone, yet the image quality/aesthetics from the high-contrast monochrome JPEG setting probably look at least 50x better.


Los Angeles, 2019 #21mm
Los Angeles, 2019 #21mm

Long story short, get the RICOH GR III ($899 on Amazon). It will revolutionize your photographic world!